Anxiety Treatment – Finding A Successful Treatment For Anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s natural flight or fight response, designed to protect you in the presence of anything that threatens your well-being. The threat may be short-lived, intense and sudden leaving your heart pounding. Or it may be very prolonged, such as during a personal financial crisis, stressful school project, or marital discord. Anxiety and worry often help to motivate you to take appropriate action.
However, anxiety that is too intense or has gone on for too long can paralyze your ability to act, lead to depression, insomnia, hypertension and poor quality of life. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorder encountered in medical practice. It is estimated that at least 25% of the population will suffer at least one episode in their lifetime.
Treatment Options for Anxiety

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral Therapy is an anxiety treatment approach that attempts to identify the thoughts a person thinks that precede an action or behavior, and then to purposefully change those thoughts and in turn change the behavior.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be successful in some forms of mental illness, but since it does not specifically target one’s emotions, it often fails with the treatment of anxiety.
Prescription medication for anxiety treatment has been proven to be somewhat effective in the treatment of anxiety attacks. For most people, there is at least one medication that will help alleviate some of the symptoms. One problem with medication, however, is that it is not usually a permanent or complete cure. Another issue is that all medications have potential side effects, some minor and some severe. Also, medication for anxiety is usually a lifetime commitment.
Exercise is a well-known natural stress and anxiety treatment. Research shows that anxiety can often be significantly reduced with only 20-30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times per week. Other techniques that may be helpful in minimizing anxiety include controlled breathing, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation.
The Linden Method
The Linden Method is a structured program of anxiety treatment and elimination which uses techniques formulated over a decade of practice with several clients. A fundamental assertion by its founder is that anxiety disorder is a habit and not a mental illness. The Linden Method works by reversing the formation of the anxious ‘habit.’ This treatment method uses scientifically proven devices to reset your anxiety level back down to normal at its source. This is accomplished by teaching a person how to undermine and eliminate anxiety at its core by complying with a set of very simple rules.
For the 96% of anxiety sufferers who have applied the Linden Method, it has produced permanent results. The treatment promises that once the anxiety disorder is reversed and eliminated, it will not come back. Since the Linden Method does not involve any medication, invasive treatment, or expensive and lengthy psychoanalysis, it is considered by many therapists to be the best initial treatment for the majority of anxiety sufferers.
To quickly treat and permanently cure your anxiety consider the Linden Method. It worked for me. It has worked for a good number of sufferers. It will work for you. No drugs, no therapists, just results.

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