Insomnia And How To Treat It

We have all been there at some stage – as our bedtime approaches, a feeling of dread sets in. Our mind begins racing, filled with panicked thoughts of “will I fall asleep quickly?” or “will I be able to sleep straight through?”, and our bedroom begins to resemble a torture chamber rather than a sanctuary.

While we all have trouble sleeping occasionally, a sleep disorder such as insomnia is characterized by an ongoing pattern of troubled sleep. Either insomniacs struggle to fall asleep, wake up repeatedly through the night, or they wake up during the night and are not able to fall asleep again. The root cause of insomnia differs from person to person, but a medical treatment plan is not always necessary. There are many ways to treat insomnia naturally, and a few minor lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies can easily cure acute insomnia. Here’s how to treat insomnia naturally: – Avoid caffeine in the evenings, and limit yourself to only one alcoholic drink in the evening. Alcohol might make you find sleep easily, though it does disrupt your sleep cycle.

Avoid excessive stimulation before bedtime. This includes the use of computers and mobile devices. The bright screens of electronic devices are known to suppress the release of melatonin.

Dim your house lights one to two hours before your bedtime to increase your melatonin.

Exercise regularly, if not daily. Simple leg exercises before you go to bed are very effective.
Turn your bedside clock away from you so you cannot see the time. If possible, you should also switch your mobile device to silent once you are in bed.

Increase your intake of tryptophan, magnesium and Vitamin B. You can achieve this through your diet or by taking supplements. For many people, taking a taurine and L-tryptophan supplement at night works well.

Valerian Root Extract, taken 30-minutes before bedtime, soothes and acts as a completely natural sedative. It is always advisable to adjust your lifestyle and diet first, boosted with a few natural remedies. A natural approach is often the best way to treat insomnia. If doing this has little to no effect on your sleep pattern, you should seek medical advice to establish if there isn’t a more serious underlying cause.

To make your sleep diary, enter your day-to-day particulars, like sleep times and other insomnia symptoms. Write down when you wake up and when you sleep, what you drink and eat, as well the events that gave you stress.

Lastly, you can make use of eye masks or black curtains to keep out light from outside. By doing these, you may end up finding the right insomnia cure.

Execute a sleep schedule that is regularly maintained. Retain your natural clock by ensuring that daily, even if it’s a weekend, you sleep and wake up at a fixed time. That way, you can maintain a habitual sleep pattern.

Avoid napping during the day. You may have difficulty sleeping at night if you took a nap earlier. But if you do, make sure that it’s only for 30 minutes and you do it before 3 P.M

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