1. Make extra effort in the images
  2. Create the creative with the title
  3. Write a detailed but concise description
  4. The price of the items for sale

Whether you’re done with spring cleaning or you’re just getting started, there are probably a few things (or many things) around your home that you don’t need anymore. That’s right for my house. You may be inclined to throw these things away, but, as they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Selling easy-to-use items is a great way to make some extra income. I’ve used eBay in the past and it worked great. But eBay is more efficient for smaller, larger products. Reach a larger number of people, even globally. So if you want to easily sell a piece of furniture and buy the buyer and pick it up? While you can do this on eBay, you will get much more flexibility on Craigslist. Sure, selling on Craigslist looks scary. While you should be wary of scammers, chicago Craigslist is a great marketplace to sell your stuff fast. Here are 4 tips for successfully selling things on Craigslist.


Make extra effort in the images

Be sure to put extra effort into the image. It doesn’t matter if you sell an antique or a pen. Whatever it is, always include more images with your recording. It’s the first thing a potential buyer sees and that’s what draws them to read more. Pay close attention to the lighting and keep the background clean. Good photos make a different world. The little effort you put into these photos can bring you more money in the end. Check more stuff here

Create the creative with the title

In addition to your images, one of the first things potential buyers see is the title. The frowning news is not noticeable. Create creativity with your title and increase your chances of getting someone’s attention.

Think about what is the main selling point of your item. Is it the price? If so, include it in the title. Be careful not to make the title too long or sound too gimmicky, though. This can lead to overturning and lead to potential customers.

Write a detailed but concise description

When you have the image and title ready, it’s time to focus on the description. You don’t want to be long. Nobody wants to read a novel. But it is important to include as much detail as possible.

While keeping the description concise, include as many outlets as you can. Different buyers are looking for different things and you want to appeal to as many people as possible. This will also reduce the questions buyers have for you.

The price of the items for sale

The most important part of any Craigslist list is the price. It doesn’t matter if you have the best photos, a captivating title and a great description. If the price is too high, no one will want to buy.

Craigslist buyers are looking for deals. Research and see how many similar items are for sale. Also consider factoring in a discount if the buyer can pick themselves up.

Selling on san diego Craigslist can definitely take time. But with a little effort, you can make some quick money on items you will never use again.

Launching A New Website? Follow 5 Basis SEO Rules

Going to launch a new website? Want to be successful in online business? You will need to boost your site through SEO (search engine optimization) steps. Search engine optimization is a continuous effort to make visibility of a website high in rankings at various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here are 5 basic basis SEO rules to follow whenever you launch a new website.

Rule Number 1

Check your Title Tag on every page. Make sure they are relevant to the page content. Make sure all pages do not have the same Title Tags. In one line, do not re-use your Title Tag on every page. Many times designers do not even realize about it. It is because they are more concerned with the visual presentation of the site than of the search engine perspective. Same title tag on each page cannot help site anymore.

Rule Number 2

You should launch your website with good keywords or search terms related to your site topics, theme and contents. Hence you must engage yourself in keyword research. There are many online tools where you can research for relevant keywords. Google Adwords is a right online platform which has been popular among web masters and search engine optimizers for keyword research. Understanding how your audience searches is the most beneficial thing you can do for your website. With the right keywords you can target the most potential audiences to your website. if you don’t have any idea how to follow these step contact to SEO in Gurgaon.

Rule Number 3
Do use keywords in Images. Many people use keywords in images but according to many good professional of this field this is not a good idea and cannot help anymore. Designers think it will ruin the aesthetics of the design but think what good is a great design if no one can find it. If the term is “Moving Trucks” is important for your business, make sure you use the actual text somewhere within the content, not part of an image.

Rule Number 4

Before launching your website you must check your robots.txt file. Check, double check and go back and recheck that robots.txt file. Make sure it is in the root folder of your domain.

Rule Number 5

You must provide an html version of your sitemap before you launch the site. It helps spiders of search engines to access all the pages of your site properly without any barrier.

After following the above mentioned basic seo rules now you can launch your website. Still you have not won the battle. You will need to do constant works for the good ranking of your site in search engines. if you want Best Seo Company in Gurgaon  don’t worry we are here to help of you.